Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adventurers Wanted

The journey to Lipparood was long and dangerous. The hamlet is set in a small valley among the the northern mountains of the spine. Sitting in the damp cellar of an unnamed tavern whispering in hushed tones is a motley group of travellers from distant lands, all drawn here by the same thing you were. The promise of adventure.

In your hand, and you can see the same in the hands of many others here, is a worn parchment, the title, simply written states: "Treasure for the Bold." Treasure, yes, the desire of all, but more than that, the allure of the unknown, of doing things only those brave enough to leave their mundane lives can do.

"Come to Lipparood" it says. "Be the one who is brazen enough to do what is right, even when our cowardly lord will not. Save our people win glory and riches. Do not speak of this in the open, do not approach the keep or the guards. We will find you when you arrive, and we will tell you what must be done. Bring your courage and your sense of righteousness."

You have read it many times. You have dreamed of this day for years even before you found the parchment. It is here and now, your adventure is about to begin..